Small Group Bible Study

Hi Brothers and Sisters!


This week we are gathering for Small Group Bible Study, continuing or study in the Gospel of Matthew.

Iris’ Group:
Iris’ House

Natasha’s Group:
Sheep Room

Tammy’s Group:
Couch Room

Vivian’s Group:
Upstairs Nursery

7:30PM! See you 🙂




Gift Exchange & Storytelling

Hi Brothers & Sisters!

I hope that your winter break has been restful and awesome so far. For those of you still in the middle of exams, we are praying for you! Take the chance this Saturday to have a breather and come join us for a night of stories and “interesting” gifts… 😉

Ok! So here’s the deal. Gift Exchange — please bring a gift, but do not purchase a gift. Simply find something at home that you or your family do not want anymore. I repeat, DO NOT PURCHASE ANYTHING! It’s going to be fun seeing what everyone will bring. I will not state a value. You can literally bring anything (except for trash.) Gifts may be wrapped, but not necessary.

Storytelling — The theme of our storytelling is “The Meaning of Christmas.” What is the true meaning of Christmas to you, and how have you experienced it?


7:30 PM, Couches. See you!



Bible Study Night

Hi Brothers & Sisters,

This week we will be gathering again for Bible Study. We are continuing in the Gospel of Matthew– this week we will be looking deeper into the Sermon on the Mount.

See you at 7:30PM. Couches. 🙂


– i

Praise & Prayer Night

Hellooooooooooooooooooooooo Brothers & Sisters!

Anyway, this week we will be gathering for Praise & Prayer night, which is a quarterly church-wide event.

What will we be doing?

  • Getting to know other people from English congregation
  • Worship together
  • Pray together for our community and for the world

If you have had a hectic week with midterms, I really encourage you to come and take your break here with us. It will be a nice change from your studying/homeworking.

Please meet at 7:30PM at RCAC!


Learning about Spiritual Gifts

Hi Brothers and Sisters,

Hope you had a restful Thanksgiving weekend last week, and that your school week has been good as well. It’s getting close to Mid-terms, but we really hope to see you this Saturday and catch up!

The theme of this week’s fellowship is Spiritual Gifts. Christians believe that God made each of us uniquely and gave us different strengths to serve His kingdom. But what are spiritual gifts exactly? And what is yours?

It will be a fun night of learning and discovering. Hope to see you there, same place (Couch Room) at 7:30PM!



Small Group Night

Hi Brothers and Sisters,

Can’t wait to see you all again this Saturday! And for those of you who haven’t come yet, can’t wait to see you too!

Ok, so this week, we will be having our first night where we split off into small groups for the entire night.

Tammy’s Group is meeting in the Couch Room, 7:30PM.

Natasha’s Group is meeting in the Sheep Room, 7:30PM.

Vivian’s Group is meeting in Room 111, 7:30PM.

Iris’ Group is meeting at her house, contact her for address.

Thanks everyone!